Social Media & Phone Photography Workshop


Sunday, October 4th 12:15pm – 5:15pm$225 + taxCANCELLED


Welcome to our Social Media & Phone Photography Workshop!

Are you looking to improve your phone photography skills and learn the basic rules of photography to make scroll stopping images on social media for your business? Would you like to know what the best practices are for posting to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest?

The Class Apart phone photography and social media workshop is just what you need! 

In one afternoon we will teach you how to take beautiful images with your phone, how to style flat lays and shoot product, as well as portraits and events. You will learn how to edit your images on your phone to make them pop and learn the best practices to post these images online. Because who doesn’t want to get noticed in a sea of images on social media?

The classes will take place in an intimate setting with no more than eight students. Two teachers will be present at all times.

Over the course of five hours you will have the tools to confidently shoot and post images you love.

Workshop Outline

PART 1: Camera Basics

We will dive straight into understanding the phone camera and what the limitations are.

PART 2: Shooting

Next, you will learn how to shoot with our phone and understand how light affects the end result.

PART 3: Composition

Then we will explore the basic rules of composition and how to use them not only to style your products but to take photos that will make people stop and look a little longer at your content.

PART 4: Editing

Here, we will have a look at how to process and make your images pop with an app on your phone. We will also talk about the different apps available to create fun Stories for Facebook and Instagram and collages for Pinterest.

PART 5: Posting to Social Media

Finally, you will learn about the best practices when posting on social media. We will talk about the best formats to use, what kind of captions to write, how to use hashtags to our advantage and how to grow your following in an authentic way.

With every section we will have hands -on exercises to practice and fully understand the concepts being taught.

The workshop will take place in the beautiful Hey Maca Studio

We are looking forward to teaching you everything we know! You can read more about the teachers Michelle & Celina here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.