I really enjoyed this class and the content that was covered! The course was well structured and adapted to a remote environment. It was nice to have it broken into 5 lessons so we had a week to digest and practice what we learned. There were so many wonderful tips and tricks that I’ll be using in my social media photography going forward, and I feel a lot more confident. Thank you Celina and Michelle! – Kylea (Online 5 Week Phone Photography & Social Media Class)

I loved this class! Both Celina and Michelle are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. Their explanations were simple and clear. 

They were very well prepared for each class with examples and material to review before and after the class. 
They took the time to provide feedback and I felt that I learned a ton after each session. 

I strongly recommend any of their courses. – Ana Duque (Online 5 Week Phone Photography & Social Media Class)

Michelle and Celina are amazing! I really enjoyed Class Apart for so many reasons. The material covered was so well organized, brilliantly explained, followed up with meaningful assignments and thoughtful critiques. Tons of practical tips and advice were shared by these two masters. I totally recommend this class to anyone who wants to rekindle their love of photography, who is newly inspired or who has things that they want to improve on and build from. I hope that they one day offer a class apart 2.O! Thank you guys so much!! – Ellana (5 week Beginner Photography Class)

Celina distills the ever complex intricacies of the techniques behind great photos and photo taking. I have taken other photography classes and no one else has done as good a job in giving great examples and tips in achieving better results. I love how both Michelle and Celina spend the first part of the class reviewing class submissions and critiquing them as it becomes an invaluable way of visually learning. Highly recommend it, both are fabulous teachers that make their beautiful photos seem easy to achieve. – Rola A. (5 week Beginner Photography Class)

The small class size makes for a pleasant and friendly group. Although there is a lot of technical information thrown at you, there is no pressure to figure it all out immediately. I have moved at my own pace in small baby steps just trying to figure out the basics, and not once have I felt left behind or out of the loop. The lessons taught are something I can continue to practice week after week on my own for months. After my first attempt to shoot in manual mode failed, I thought I would never do it again, but I am understanding more and more about my camera everyday and now manual doesn’t seem quite so daunting. – Michelle Rodine (5 week Beginner Photography Class)

This is the first time I finally understood how to take photos Manually with my DSLR camera. It was really easy to understand and to apply to the exercises weekly. There was a clear improvement in my photo skills just after five classes! I am now confident enough to go out with my DSLR and take photos of anything, I have all the knowledge I need to continue to improve. Amazing class, super fun. Highly recommend to anyone that needs to brush up on their skills or starting fresh. – Minna (5 week Beginner Photography Class)