Class Apart: 5 Week Beginner Photography Class

Registration Now Open:

Wednesday, October 7th – November 4th, 10:00 – 12:30 – $300 + tax


Are you looking for an introductory class to photography that will teach you the basics in easy to follow content? 

The Class Apart photography course is just what you need! 

Through easy to understand lessons we will teach you how to take full control of your camera. Because who doesn’t want to make beautiful photos?

You’ll learn to take great photos of kids, landscapes, products, food and so much more.

The classes will take place in an intimate setting with no more than eight students. Two teachers will be present at all times.

Over the course of five weeks you will have the tools to confidently shoot whatever your heart contents. 

Boy playing in the kitchen with fall colours reflected in the window. Learn how to see and use colours in your photos.
Michelle Little

Course Plan

WEEK 1: Introduction, Camera Basics, Shooting Manual Part 1

Here we will get to know each other better! We will dive straight into understanding the camera we are using and how to go from auto to manual.

How does shutter speeds and aperture affect the settings and outcome of our photos? What type of lenses are available and when to use them?

We’ll even cover the different functions on your phone, so you can take better photos with whatever camera you have on hand.

Little girl wearing oversized glasses with her shadow in the background. Learn how to shoot in different lighting conditions.
Celina Bailey

WEEK 2: Shooting Manual Part 2 

We will continue to explore the different settings on our camera so we can take full control.

This week we’ll explore Exposure and ISO and demystify both.

View of the mountain in Quebec with the fall foliage in reds and oranges. Learn how to take better landscape photos.
Michelle Little 

WEEK 3: Composition 

To make a good photo you need to learn the basics rules of compositions. We will also talk about the importance of colours and how they affect composition. Finally, we will teach you how to break all those rules!

Shadow of a boy skateboarding on concrete. Learn how to use composition to tell a better story.
Celina Bailey

WEEK 4: Understanding Light & Photography Genres 

Light is essential to photography and learning how to see light is crucial. We’ll learn how to shoot in different lighting conditions to get the desired effect: light and airy or moody.

Now that you have full control of your camera and understand important concepts we will begin to explore the different genres of photos you can take. We will look at Portraiture, Storytelling, Still Life, Product, Food, Documentary, Landscape.

Lobster cages off the coast of Maine.  Learn how to shoot still life and everyday objects.
Michelle Little 

WEEK 5: Editing, Printing , Archiving

Finally, we will have a look at how to process your photos once you’ve taken them.

What are presets and how do you use them? Alternatively, you may want to edit your photos using Lightroom or an app on your phone.

We will also talk about printing your photos and making albums.

Most importantly we will discuss how to archive your photos so that you will always have them secure.

Reflective portrait a woman in a mirror shaped like the letter R.
Celina Bailey

Every week students will go home with homework and assignments. They will also have the opportunity to shoot in class in the beautiful Hey Maca Studio

We are looking forward to teaching you everything we know! You can read more about the teachers Michelle & Celina here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.