Photography Tutorial: Shooting Through

March 24, 2020

I always have the intention to do personal photography projects but life always gets in the way so when school was closed due to COVID-19 I took the opportunity to add a little creativity to my portraits. This Photography Tutorial: Shooting Through is a result of that creative process.

Thanks to Ardelle Neubert. I took her class at Click Away (a photography conference) and she showed us her favourite things to shoot through.

Basically the sky is the limit and you can try shooting through practically anything. Other examples besides what I’ve shown below include chandelier crystals, toile, prisms, coloured plastic sheets and slinkies.

Just hold the item close to your lens, open up your aperture so that the object you are holding is not in focus, and make sure the object is not over the eye of your subject.

There are also a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

Here are my objects and the results:

Plastic Bag

Crystal Candy Bowl

I held the bowl to the side, and also shot right through it (bottom image)


Pint Glass

Magnifying Glass

Red Toy 3D Reader

As you can see it’s a bit of a try and see approach.

My favourite is the whisk and the pint glass, but it’s also likely because the expression and light were best in those too. I don’t like the way the pint glass gave a double lip but the expression in the eyes is worth it for me.

I hope you enjoyed my Photography Tutorial: Shooting Through!

Michelle Little is a photographer and founding member of Class Apart.

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