Intensive Photography Workshop- Part 1

February 8, 2020

Now Booking: Sunday, May 24th, 12:30 – 5:30

Welcome to our Intensive Photography Workshop!

Are you looking for an introductory photography workshop that will teach you the basics photography in easy to follow content with some hands on exercises, but don’t have time to follow a week long photography class? 

The Class Apart photography workshop is just what you need! 

In one afternoon we will teach how to take full control of your camera Through easy to understand instructions and hands on exercises. Because who doesn’t want to make beautiful photos?

We will break down the technical aspect of photography into easy to understand concepts and you will be taking great photos of kids, landscapes, products, food and so much more within an afternoon.

The classes will take place in an intimate setting with no more than eight students. Two teachers will be present at all times.

Over the course of five hours you will have the tools to confidently shoot whatever your heart contents. 

Workshop Outline

PART 1: Camera Basics

We will dive straight into understanding the camera and lenses we are using and what limitations we might encounter.

PART 2: Focus

Next we will learn about the different focus modes and what to use when.

PART 3: Shooting in manual mode

Then we will dive straight into shooting in manual mode. You will understand how ISO, shutter speeds and aperture affect the settings and outcome of our photos. We will learn to meter and get proper exposures every time.

PART 4: Understanding Light

Light is essential to photography and learning how to see light is crucial. We’ll learn how to shoot in different lighting conditions to get the desired effect: light and airy or moody.

Part 5: Editing

Finally, we will have a look at how to process your photos once you’ve taken them with an app on your phone.

With every section we will have hands -on exercises to practice and fully understand the concepts being taught.

The workshop will take place in the beautiful Hey Maca Studio

We are looking forward to teaching you everything we know! You can read more about the teachers Michelle & Celina here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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