Learn Business Photography

February 3, 2020

Celina Bailey and I started our Montreal Photography Classes and our class entitled Class Apart: Beginner Photography because we heard from so many entrepreneurs over and over that they wanted better photography for their business, didn’t have the budget to hire someone and wanted to learn how to do it on their own.

Learn Business Photography

We are absolutely passionate about photography, passionate about teaching and passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs to raise their game, stand out from the crowd and look more professional.

Learn Business Photography

You will get the most out of this course if you have a camera that you can use in manual, but we will even teach you how to use your phone because we all know that sometimes we don’t have our cameras on hand.

Other reasons that you may want to learn how to take better photos:

-People buy products that they understand. It is so painful to me to see a product that has been lovingly made and I can barely see the colours and don’t understand the sizing.

-Elevate your brand. Professional photos will make you stand out from what is likely an oversaturated market.

-Boost engagement on Facebook and Instagram. A well shot, well thought out photo will stop people in their tracks (errr… scrolling)

-Grow personally and take control over your business. So many of you have an exact vision for what you want your images to look like. Take that control into your own hands and create your images the way you want them.

Learn Business Photography

You’ll learn about lighting (CRUCIAL), composition, how to adjust your settings and editing. It will be the first step to taking those photos for your business you’ve always wanted to take. You’ll find that you CAN learn business photography.

Interested? Our first class starts January 2020.  Contact us with any questions!

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