Best Photo Award

February 3, 2020

Wow! Celina has won the best photo award!

Through each photographer’s unique lens, the Voice Competition & Collection provides a platform for real women to share real stories. With almost 40,000 images entered annually, Voice is one of the most powerful visual documentations by, of, and for women around the world.

Best Photo Award

We are proud to announce that Celina Bailey has won in the Imperfection category for her image Beach Bound.

This is a major achievement and a testament to Celina’s creativity, strong eye and her photographic skills.

Celina Bailey is a documentary, film and social media photographer and her technical skill, use of composition and eye for the unusual has her regularly featured around the web and in print. 

We can’t wait to see what Celina creates in the future and we will be watching her Instagram account closely for inspiration with both her digital, phone and film photography. 

Celina is passionate about photography and one of the teachers for Class Apart: Beginner Photography Course. We all started somewhere and Celina and Michelle will help you learn photography to help you elevate your knowledge, skill and creativity. 

Congratulations Celina on your Best Photo Award!

We can’t wait to learn from you in the classroom!

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