Why a beginner photography class?

February 3, 2020

Why would you ever want to take a beginner photography class? I know why I wanted to take a photography class when I started out. I was inspired. 

I saw a photograph of a child running and I was totally surprised. All child photography I’d seen up until that time had been kids sitting, looking at the camera and in a studio.

Suddenly, this was more – there was emotion, colour, movement and vibrancy. It was alive. I could feel this child’s energy and joy. And I knew that I wanted to be able to recreate that too.

For all we wish that we could just pick up a camera or phone and recreate that emotion it isn’t that easy and the truth is that it takes a lot of practice.

Learning the settings so that you can take your camera off manual allows you to finally show movement, darkness, light or blur. It allows you to create a mood. It allows you to create a photograph in low light or full light. But that’s not all – it allows you to bring forth your vision.

Looking at light is CRUCIAL and knowing how to read where the light is coming from and what it looks like is a game changer.

After taking our beginner photograph class and some practice I bet you’ll start to create even more than you imagined.

What’s your why?

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